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In stillness the spirit is born.


Last night I hardly slept Body exhausted but mind unrelenting. After tossing and turning, I layed there and quietly watched Netflix until...

Let's try this thing again

What if I’m ready to try again? What if that is the most terrifying thing? Do I have the courage? Meet me between my sheets. Let me...

unlearn love

You love what you know. So, I'm trying to unlearn everything I know. I don't want to love what I love anymore.

Birthday wishes

Birthday wishes. A fever of emotions. Today I count calories and cocktails, track those who write me congratulations and those who don’t....

First date

Nerves. The tingling anticipation of expectation. Or is it (could it be) hope?. "Meet my vibes" I silently plead. The prayer of every...


I push my loneliness away but it comes back to me like a boomerang. Why can't you do the same when I throw you away?

Sylwia Plath

What if I'm the Sylvia Plath kind of sadness and not Taylor Swift’s version of melancholy? What if my sadness has hints of madness.

cowardly love

“You are not allowed to be a coward and in love; you must choose one.” -Unknown “All alone in the danger zone Are you ready to take my...

the great wall

I allow myself anything but tenderness. Tenderness could crumble even the great wall of China. Sending it's molded stones tumbling down,...

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