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my heart burns

When my head spins my heart burns. Aching but spinning, this is how I prefer to fall into bed.

What’s missing is still you.

“and when nobody wakes you up in the morning, and when nobody waits for you at night, and when you can do whatever you want. what do you...

it came time

You won every time, except when it came to time. What I wouldn't do to bury my face in your neck and smell your smell.

Sunsets and lovers.

Sunrises and covers. Sunsets and lovers. I wash the sheets to wash your smell out. I wish the day would erase more than just the night.


Comfort. Like the cushion on my hips. Poison. Just like the touch of your lips.

who is wounded?

We are nothing. Existence is grey. Words cover my mouth But you do not leave it. If I pluck a blade of glass who is wounded?

Seasons change

Seasons change and I fumble my way after them. Never on beat, never on time, always a second off pace. I hesitate, stumble, run to catch...

I have a sense that I should let go.

The blood trickles over the pulse of my wrist. The veins contract and constrict. The flow of life moving within me like a song and a...


Recently I heard a line in a series that stuck with me: 'my countless hesitations were to blame'. It made me wonder about myself, where...

I dream of soft flesh

I seek I seek I seek to be found I dream of soft flesh Curves and hollows Sweat and pulse. You use me just to feel, I use you to be healed.

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