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easy like sunday morning

The simple pleasures of love, the things we missed in our loneliness. Hands to hold and smiles to share with secrets in our eyes. Moving through spaces as a couple. Pillow talk and storytelling. Laughing in surprise but also delight. Discovering someone for the first time and in exchange letting yourself be read like a book. I can't remember if it was ever this easy. Something about you feels easy.

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Currently a song I’ve been listening to a lot lately. I even added it to my ‘happy love’ playlist. A coincidence then that this is the dessert you had planned for the first time you invited me over fo


Today I am simply moved by gratitude. By the distance between what once was and now is, and all the connecting steps which lead to here. When you've worked and worked for a vision, only to find yourse


Regret is an activity I no longer have time for. Anger is something I can't be bothered with. I hope your hope vanishes with this knowledge. If I don't regret or rage then you are nothing. As you shou


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