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Recently I heard a line in a series that stuck with me: 'my countless hesitations were to blame'.

It made me wonder about myself, where am I hesitating?

We think hesitation is a cushion, a neat border between risk and safety. A last buffer of grace before we jump into uncertainty. But hesitation is in itself also a result. In those moments where we hold back, we have all of our answers don’t we? We know our faults and vices, our insecurities, the risk, the desire and reward. And yet, if we hold ourselves back from taking action we blame the act of hesitation itself, instead of the truth that lies behind it.

What I learn more about life is that anything that's meant for you, you respond to with a fast and enthusiastic ‘yes’. I can look back now and clearly see the moments of my life that were met with hesitation, in stark comparison to the moments where I intuitively sprang forward.

Life will certainly bring more opportunities for indecision, but all I can hope for is that I hesitate for things not meant for me. Let hesitation be the first guidepost to paths not meant to be walked upon.

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