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I let you see

“I tell you no lies, I let you see”

Song “Sharlene”, artist Hong Kong Boyfriend

I've lived a thousand lives in 35 years. I can fill a library, not just a book. My stories and experiences are fireworks of memory and intertwining fate. If I show you a glimpse how will you respond? You, whose life is so different from mine. I feel like I walk through life challenging those around me,

'should I show you?' and

'After you see me, will you stay?'.

The scars on my heart and body are a roadmap. Past lives and past loves and past battles leaving their marks for you to trace.

Trace these lines and ask no questions.

Accept the challenge my life has been and offer me a soft refuge. Open your arms and heart and meet mine with peace. Answer me positively.

I tell you no lies, I let you see.

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