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trying hard

I’m trying hard to hold back. We both agreed that playing games was something we both didn't like. But here I am, wondering if I’ve fallen harder or faster than you? Trying to match your pace, I’m scared I’m not. How bad would it be if I couldn’t hold it in? I’m pretty sure you already know how much I like you.

But actually, this phase is just lovely how it is. Learning, enjoying, sharing. It’s not quite the first date but we aren’t an established couple yet either.

I’m still getting used to the words “boyfriend” and “relationship”.

Trying hard not to get used to the taste of you. But something about the way your arms wrap around me seems impossible to forget.

If my face gives me away, pretend you didn’t see it. Keep it a secret for a little longer. Until I’m sure you feel the same, so you can meet me where I’m at. I’ll wait.

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